Extra-ordinary engineering
on a smaller scale


Thanks to Palumbo’s solid fifty-year long experience in engineering, building and refitting megayachts and ships of all nature and size, the same approach to a megayacht construction process has been implemented on EXTRA yachts.

The EXTRA fleet features, in fact, all the onboard systems and appliances normally available on much larger yachts, offering an unparallel comfort of cruising for unforgettable experiences.

The following list serves as an example of how an EXTRA-ordinary shipbuilding approach has been adapted on a smaller scale range of yachts:

desalinator, water softener, UV sterilizer, pumps redundancy,  automatic and manual parallel system between generators, seamless transfer avoiding blackout,  gyro system to eliminate boat roll and increasing stability and comfort, monitoring system to check all appliances (service batteries, gen sets, pumps, tank levels, lights…), solar system for green energy, integrated Garmin system for navigation and engines monitoring, sophisticated audio-video system, satellite TV antenna.